Artbandhu Competitions

To promote competitive spirit, continuity among beginners, learners and professionals artbandhu organizes various competitions in the areas of performing art, technical art and digital art.

artbandhu invites art enthusiasts to grab this opportunity to showcase their talents and excel in respective art forms by participating in competitions to avail benefits such as cash prizes, financial support, workshops, training, hands on experiences and opportunity to collaborate with professionals and celebrities in various art fields.

Some of the benefits of participating in artbandhu competitions are:

  1. Opportunity to compete with participants (best in each genre) across the world.
  2. Winners of the competitions will be invited for a Annual Meet and will avail opportunity to participate & perform for global audience
  3. Winners in each category will be featured on artbandhu platform & social media with their art works / performances which reaches to various professionals and art promoters
  4. Will avail opportunity to meet, greet and perform with celebrity artists
  5. Cash prizes and discounts for workshops / events conducted by artbandhu

  1. The competition is conducted for various art forms in Performing Art, Technical Art and Digital Art and is organized quarterly in the year
  2. This is a online competition. Although, first round / audition round is conducted ONLINE some competitions may require participants to attend in-person in the following rounds if specified.
  3. The performing arts competitions entries must strictly be under 5 minutes for 'Audition' round. The Digital Art competitions entries must adhere to standard quality during submissions (Image/ Size/ Resolutions/ Audio / Video/ Extension Files/ Software / Specifications)
  4. Winners in above competitions are not allowed to participate in same category for next 3 quarters however, winners can participate in same category again after 1 year
  5. Artbandhu reserves the right to cancel or move registrations to following seasons in case of insufficient or lack of quality entries.

UI/UX Design Challenge

'Artbandhu – Artistic Design’ initiative aims to promote design innovation in the country. We are launching this UI/ UX Design competition to give UI/UX designers around the country the opportunity to be part of the Artbandhu Web and Mobile App development.

Artbandhu wants to give the best user experience to its customers. Artbandhu is looking to engage the best design & UX minds in this country to help build Artbandhu App for masses with the best user experience in mind.


    Artbandhu home is the gateway to all the Art based offerings and we continue to build and launch various services, products & features for the Art community. We are looking for solutions to help art community users navigate through all our services with creatively rich UI and simplified UX designs.

    Expected deliverables are:

    1. Artbandhu Home Screen (Pre-Login) : Participants are required to re-imagine the Artbandhu home screen considering the services Artbandhu offers. (Welcome Artistic Icons / Display / Color Schema / Layout patterns / Overall Architecture considering the current and possible futuristic platform features)
    2. Platform Dashboard (Post-Login): Artbandhu offers multiple ways to create, manage and promote art works on the platform. We are inviting designers to come up with solutions (UI Designs and UX aesthetics) that makes it simpler for platform consumers and art community (especially Non - tech audience) (Eg: Listing Creation and Management, Pay, Triggered Events etc)
    3. The submissions can be in the form of Video/PDF/images/mockups/sketches etc. However preferred format would be in editable softcopy.

    Submission Process

    The work should be innovative and original although artistic inspiration from various sources (without breach of any third party intellectual property rights) would be allowed. The submissions of your works must be sent via contest form mentioning your artbandhu ID (Registered Email ID)

    Entry Criteria: Entry can be done by an individual or a team up-to 3 members.

    Last Date for submission: 18 March, 2019

    Cash Prizes

    1st Prize – Rupees 5000

    2nd Prize – Rupees 3000

    3rd Prize – Rupees 2000

    Perks: Best talents will avail opportunity to work as Intern / Full Time at Artbandhu

    For any inquiries contact